The versatility of steel as a building material is seen in its adjustability and flexibility.  Because of this handiness, it found its way in nearly every stage of the construction process from framing and floor joists, even to Atlanta Commercial Roofing materials.  Below are some of the main benefits you get from using steel as a building material.

The advantage of using steel over wood is that it is a much lighter construction material.  To explain this, we can compare a 2×2 wood and a 2×2 steel, and in this case steel would come out heavier but it is much denser.  Therefore, when one compares a structurally sound wood beam design and a steel i-beam, it will always cause the i-beam to be lighter since it only needs to use lesser diameter tubes or bar.  And they are even lighter than the well engineered wooden beams like glulam, LVL, and PSL designs.

Using steel instead of wood will require less labor to build and with cheaper lesser cost since compared to wood, steel is an undersized material with similar strength.  A building’s foundation and other structural support systems can be simplified using steel and this gives you a lot of savings and the project’s budget is greatly reduced.

Time is of utmost importance in the construction industry.  Time means cost in construction and there are tasks that are to be done first before others to save time and cost, like setting up the footings first before fabricating the roof.  When steel parts are pre-engineered to a specific design inside the manufacturing plant and are shipped out, the construction time is significantly sped up.

Steel is a versatile material which makes using it an advantage, other than the advantage of labor and cost benefits.  With steel, you can shape or mold it any way you want, create patterns for roofing purposes, exterior usages, interior support, and others, and the good thing compared to other building materials is that this can be done is a very short time.  Other advantages of using steel is its durability and low maintenance qualities, and able to withstand the elements like high winds, heavy snow loads, fire, and earthquakes, and are even resistant to pests.  You can also recycle steel.

Waste does not matter to most construction companies since all materials have been paid for by the project owner.  You will look at waste in a different way if you use steel.  There is not much waste In steel and this is one of its benefits and it is affordable and environmentally friendly too.  This material can even be recycled at the end of its lifespan in the construction field.

But this is not all, innovation in steel production continues to push forward in terms of better strength and better versatility, making this building material get a higher leverage than wood.  Most builder choose steel first because of its many advantages. Know about Atlanta EISS here!